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6 Near Death Experiences Caught on Video

YouTube has given us a lot of things: vlogs, Fred, one billion parody videos of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” starring adorable kittens instead of saucy black ladies. And now, finally, it’s given us something to make up for all of that horrible, horrible bullshit: The ability to watch people nearly die from the safety of our own Cheeto-stained ergonomic office chairs. I’m not talking about hillbilly fireworks accidents or teenage skateboard shenanigans, either; I’m talking about very real, extremely terrifying and possibly bowel-exploding, first-person POV accounts that chronicle what it’s really like to survive the scariest disasters possible. You can experience all of it — the thrills, the adventure, the adrenalin — and you don’t even have to put on pants! In fact, you probably shouldn’t.

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‘O Holy Night’: Worst Rendition EVER

Latest Viral Video: Pattycake Cats

5,244,972 VIEWS!??!?  Holy cat shit!

How to Gift Wrap a Cat

Cell phone ‘time traveler’ seen in silent film

(CNN) — It’s not shocking to see a woman talking on her cell phone while walking down the street. It is, however, shocking when the woman is an extra in a silent film from 1928.

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Mini “Kip” from Napoleon Dynamite

My buddy’s daughter doing her “Kip” impersonation.  Too cute!!!

More Sylvester the talking cat and Gibson sez his first word

Sylvester the Talking Cat makes the transition to dry cat food

My favorite talking cat is apparently having an issue with dry cat food:

Punishment over!:

Earth to Jan Brewer… Earth to Jan Brewer…

WTF?  Arizona governor Jan Brewer suddenly got lost in her own backyard during a debate; staring off silently while the seconds ticked by.  After stating that she had pulled Arizona back from “the abyss” she sat and apparently stared into it.  Methinks the only abyss in Arizona is located squarely between her ears.

I LOVE Sylvester the talking cat

Funny comments left on Sylvester’s YouTube page because he’s one cussin’ cat.  You’re right, Sly….FUCK ‘EM!!!  Some people have NO sense of humor…

“Everything Ages Fast” Faux Vintage Tech Ads | Unplggd

What if some of the most famous online services were launched in 1959?

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Check out the SnazzyNapper!  Now you won’t feel so dumb for buying that leopard print Snuggie.

Glenn Beck University Ad

via Huffington Post:  By now you’ve probably heard about Glenn Beck University, the FOX News pundit’s venture into providing higher education, but until now there hasn’t been a commercial for the unaccredited online institution. Thankfully, The Full Ginsberg decided to help out Prof. Beck by putting together this TV spot advertising the many benefits of attending Glenn Beck U. With classes such as Conspiracy Theory Theory, Revisionist History, and Cry-Ogenics, you too can learn everything Glenn Beck did when he didn’t attend college.


Funny Fails

Jam the earplugs in or Die

Gotta say, tho, she’s got a pair of  brass balls hidden under her Bieber PJs; so props for that.  I can’t sing a note either.  But I’ll be damned if I’d go online and post a video of myself. 

Funny Monkey Sex – Hilarious

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