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Palin has maintained that Obama’s effort to combat child obesity — which was recently aided by the passage of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act — is one that seeks to take away “God-given rights to make our own decisions.” Some have since slammed that comment as Palin’s demanding that Americans cling to their “God-Given right to be fat.”

via Sarah Palin Jabs Michelle Obama’s Anti-Obesity Campaign With S’mores

C&T: Why won’t this stupid cow Palin STFU? My apologies to those of a bovine nature.


Things that make you ask WTF?

Bristol Palin’s Number One Unfan of the Day: To say that 67-year-old Wisconsinite Steven Cowan doesn’t care much for pro-abstinence potty-mouth Bristol Palin would be somewhat of an understatement.

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Is Palin bashing a pre-requisite for an appearance on the new Parker-Spitzer show? Aaron Sorkin referred to Palin as an ‘idiot’ and ‘jaw-droppingly incompetent’ on Monday’s show. And now, Tuesday’s show featured Oliver Stone calling Palin a ‘moron’.

via Oliver Stone: Sarah Palin is a Moron | NewsBusters.org

C&T:  Thx, julieg!

While much of the 2010 election is focused on the economy, there’s another issue quietly simmering which underscores a shift in the Republican Party: abortion. Specifically, an increasing number of GOP candidates — especially ones receiving heavy support from the Tea Party movement — not only oppose abortion, but want to bar women who have been victims of rape or incest from having access to the procedure.

via As Palin Goes, So Goes The GOP: Growing Number Of Candidates Oppose Abortion In Cases Of Rape, Incest

C&T: I’m speechless.  Bar women who have been victims of rape or incest from having an abortion?  Have they finally lost their collective mind?  Yes, “mind”.  Singular.  And I think I might be exaggerating.  Truly ugly misogyny, approved by the GOP.  WTF. 

“I’m a ‘Christian’ sez one…’God will intercede.’ 

I say: “Go fuck yourself.  Tell that to someone who’s poor, desperate and at the end of their emotional rope.  Or someone the victim of rape or incest.  Why didn’t your God intercede when THAT was going on?  Not gonna get into the “free will” debate.  But I would like to point out it does work both ways.  Either God “intercedes” or he doesn’t.  Can’t have God intercede only when it’s convenient for YOU. P.S. You’re an idiot.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Mocks Sarah Palin On Twitter

While flying to Asia last night, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took some time to poke fun at Sarah Palin via Twitter. As you can see from his tweet below, Schwarzenegger flew over Anchorage, Alaska and failed to see Russia, which Palin infamously said she could see from her house during the 2008 presidential election.

via Arnold Schwarzenegger Mocks Sarah Palin On Twitter (PICTURE)

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Sarah Palin ‘Refudiate’ Twitter Remark Causes FLOOD Of #ShakesPalin Tweets

Shannyn Moore: “Refudiating” Palin’s Racist Tweet

Sarah Palin is an idiot.

Give me a fuckin’ break.

Video – Breaking News Videos from CNN.com#/video/offbeat/2010/07/19/moos.refudiate.this.cnn?hpt=C2#/video/offbeat/2010/07/19/moos.refudiate.this.cnn?hpt=C2

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