C&T: Holy Shit!  I can barely believe there are “Do’s and Don’ts” for accidental amputation.  I broke my leg as kid while ice skating, and when I looked down, my foot was pointing in the wrong direction.  It’s hilarious now,  but I caused myself more injury by grabbing my foot in a panic and twisting it back into the “right” position.  Big mistake and lesson learned.   I dunno about you, but the next time I’m in a knife fight and an eyeball gets dislodged, I’ll try to refrain from popping it back in.

People often don’t know what to do with a body part that’s become derailed, doctors say:


  • Keep detached fingers and toes cold but don’t put directly in ice, experts say
  • With knocked-out tooth, keep the ligament trailing off the end of the tooth moist


  • If eyeball becomes dislodged, don’t try to put it back, doctor warns

via What to do when body parts fall off – CNN.com