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Topeka’s Westboro Baptist Church announced tonight that it plans to burn the Qur’an and an American flag on Sept. 11, though the exact time and location haven’t been determined, a church spokeswoman said.

The burning would occur the same day that a Florida pastor had threatened to burn Qur’ans, which drew condemnation from President Obama, religious leaders and others.

Shirley Phelps-Roper, who announced Westboro Baptist’s plan, said they don’t think that pastor, Terry Jones, will carry out the burning.

Westboro Baptist Church has received international condemnation for its protests at the funerals of gay people and U.S. servicemembers. Church members burned a Qur’an two years ago in Washington, D.C.

via Here We Go: Crazy Fred Phelps Will Burn A Qu’ran Even If Terry Jones Won’t | Crooks and Liars


Milk me, will they? This'll fuck 'em up.


This’ll bring a tear to the eye: 

Julia Sommerfeld writes: When a crowd of about 50 Aussies started pawing at their suddenly burning, aching eyes, panic set in. 

Did somebody release poison gas? (But why would terrorists strike the dairy pavilion at the Royal Adelaide agricultural show?) 

No, it’s so, so much worse. 

Australian health officials were called in CSI-like to investigate the outbreak, Reuters Life! reports. The culprit: Stagnant cow urine. 

Apparently wet weather triggered an extra potent pee odor — murder on the eyeballs. The ammonia smell sent 20 people to the hospital; 30 were treated by first aid workers.  All are OK.  Just something to consider next time your eyes tear up. 

(CNN) — The pastor of a Florida church planning to burn Qurans told CNN Tuesday while the congregation plans to go through with the action to protest the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States by al Qaeda, the church is “weighing” its intentions.

via Pastor weighing plans to burn Qurans amid U.S. warnings – CNN.com

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