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The right-wing’s saviour has spoken…but WHY THE FUCK do they believe him? He can’t even remember his own lies.  WTF!

Glenn Beck this weekend: “I know that many in this country think that I’m a fear-monger. It is not a . . it is not a label that, I think, applies . .”

Glenn Beck earlier: “I think what’s coming is horrific. I don’t even want to speak it out loud . .”

“I can tell you there will be rivers of blood . .”

“Are we headed for a one-world government . .”

“A global economic holocaust is coming . .”

“It’s September the Eleventh all over again, except we didn’t have the collapsing buildings . .”

“If you haven’t done your homework yet — what is it going to take? I urge you to catch up on it, and catch up on it fast. It’s kind of important, for a couple of reasons. One . . uhh . . the whole end of time thing . .”

Whatta hypocritical, full of shit, forked-tongued fuckin’ asshole.


Beck as the fulfillment of Dr. King’s dream? And you thought “War of the Worlds” was frightening.

via Civil rights’ new ‘owner’: Glenn Beck

WTF! – he calls himself a pastor???  With this anti-gay, hateful, uninformed and beyond-disgusting speech?  I have to say he speaks with such righteous authority when it comes to eating shit that I strongly suspect he may have had some sort of unfortunate experience in the jungle with a gorilla.  What an asshole.  Listening to this bullshit rhetoric is one reason why these poor fucks in Africa still live in grass huts, kill and eat anything that moves and murder children for being witches.

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