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Fox News Comments was created to expose the audience that Fox News caters to. Every comment is posted as it was shown on or Some of what you read will make you laugh, some of what you read will shock you. Fear-mongering and hate-mongering have proven a very successful ratings-grabber for Fox News, but it’s generated about as much hate and fear as can be expected. So stick around – you might learn a slur that should have been dead decades ago!

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C&T:  I can’t say I’m shocked at these comments…ya gotta consider the source, FOX News seems to cater to righteous inbred idiots.  It’s kind of scary, though, that there are so many nut jobs out there so filled with rage and hate.


Explosive marijuana experiment destroys freezer, fridge

COOS BAY, Ore. (AP) – Police say a man who tried to distill the active ingredient from marijuana using butane gas inadvertently caused an explosion that sent the door of his refrigerator through a wall in his home.

via Explosive marijuana experiment destroys freezer, fridge | | Asbury Park Press

C&T:  Calling all dumbasses!

Sh*t My Dad Smuggles In His Anus To Me In Prison

I'm shocked. He looks like a Rhodes Scholar.

After plotting over a monitored telephone with his imprisoned son, a California man traveled to a federal lockup in Colorado and sought to smuggle his offspring a golf ball-sized chunk of black tar heroin that he had wrapped in plastic and stashed in his anus.

via Sh*t My Dad Smuggles In His Anus To Me In Prison | The Smoking Gun

Facebook “ugly baby” comment sparks stabbing


Consider it a modern version of the Hatfields versus McCoys, courtesy of Facebook. A Wheaton woman and her teenage daughter are charged with attacking another local mom and daughter with steak knives in a dispute fueled by disparaging comments posted on the popular social networking site. 

via Daily Herald | Facebook dispute sparks Wheaton stabbing 

C&T: I rest my case about Facebook.  It ain’t safe. Thx for all the links today, julieg!  

Nobody ever said Ann Coulter was going to play nice during her time at Homocon, a summit held by the gay conservative group GOProud over the weekend, not even the organizers who insisted that she be there. Perhaps it came as little surprise to them, then, when the conservative pundit stood before the group of 150 attendees and aggressively railed against gay marriage.

via Ann Coulter To Gay Conservatives: Marriage ‘Is Not A Civil Right — You’re Not Black’

C&T: The bitch is at it again.  Does she NEVER shut the fuck up?  I can’t stand this idiot.

(CNN) — The pastor of a Florida church planning to burn Qurans told CNN Tuesday while the congregation plans to go through with the action to protest the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States by al Qaeda, the church is “weighing” its intentions.

via Pastor weighing plans to burn Qurans amid U.S. warnings –

FOX NEWS “Analyst” loves being tea-bagged; joins the right-wing extremist bullshit.

Him: "Any questions???" Me: "Nah. I know an assclown when I see one."

Scott Shrake: Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally: Rate the Teabaggers! (PHOTOS)      

It’s a fuckin’ circus of right-wing Teabaggers.  Is that an oxymoron?  Anyway, more scary than an army of clowns, IMHO.   

The right-wing’s saviour has spoken…but WHY THE FUCK do they believe him? He can’t even remember his own lies.  WTF!

Glenn Beck this weekend: “I know that many in this country think that I’m a fear-monger. It is not a . . it is not a label that, I think, applies . .”

Glenn Beck earlier: “I think what’s coming is horrific. I don’t even want to speak it out loud . .”

“I can tell you there will be rivers of blood . .”

“Are we headed for a one-world government . .”

“A global economic holocaust is coming . .”

“It’s September the Eleventh all over again, except we didn’t have the collapsing buildings . .”

“If you haven’t done your homework yet — what is it going to take? I urge you to catch up on it, and catch up on it fast. It’s kind of important, for a couple of reasons. One . . uhh . . the whole end of time thing . .”

Whatta hypocritical, full of shit, forked-tongued fuckin’ asshole.

Klutzy reporter destroys ice sculpture

HILARIOUS! The antics of “drunken Steve”

Part 1:  I know my rights!

Part 2:  I think I just crapped in my pants!!!

Part 3:  It’s MY house!  Can’t I smoke a little weed in MY house?!

Eternal,  my ass

No shit…they must’ve taken more than one or two of these photos here in San Antonio.  I’ve seen some truly butt-ugly car hoods down here.  Lots of virginal (?), half-naked Mayan or Aztec princesses with huge rubbery tits  and fat asses being tossed into volcanoes or having their heart cut out while a virile warrior in a loincloth weeps copious tears nearby.  How fuckin’ romantic.   

Oh yeah!  You also HAVE to have your last name in the back window written in huge Olde English font.

The Most Ridiculous Car Hoods Of All Time (PHOTOS)

Thx, mansonsturtle!

Is That The Exhaust Pipe?: Car Seller On eBay Accidentally Uploads Picture Of His Wiener – Geekologie


Casey Anthony’s Mother Implicated in Mail Fraud – Crime & Courts :

The whole family is looney tunes, IMHO.  Lock all of them up and throw away the keys.


Over the past few months, Congressional Republicans and skittish Democrats who’ve lingered too long at the Deficit Panic Kool-Aid Stand have made life extraordinarily difficult for the most vulnerable members of society — the nation’s unemployed.

Rather than extend unemployment benefits so that the millions of Americans who are out there busting their humps to find the needle-in-a-haystack that is a job of any kind, they’ve demanded that those benefits be offset, essentially punishing the unemployed for the deficits they giddily ran up for years.

via First Punish The Unemployed, Then Declare War On The Employed

Security Violation?: U.S. Troops Told They Can’t Access WikiLeaks Website : The Two-Way : NPR

So, any terrorist CAN, but our military CAN’T.  What the fuckin’ fuck?  Who’s great idea was this?



Another Tuesday, another round of Republican primaries pitting self-proclaimed Tea Party candidates against their (sometimes slightly, sometimes considerably) more moderate opponents—and yet another sign that the Glenn Beck brigade is a long way from “taking back the country,” despite all the hype.

via The Tea Party’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Night – Newsweek.

Check out these moronic assholes.  They think Islam is the religion of Satan.  This IS 2010, right?  I haven’t slipped back in time to 1540 or sumthin, have I?

I knew that some of these so-called “Christians” were out there, but this group is especially hateful.  Like the “God Hates Fags” gang that is truly the lowest of the Low.  Methinks they all need to read their Bible.  I’ll tell ya, these people scare the livin’ shit outta me because they con so many people into thinking they’re right and have a lot of lost-soul followers that are a more than a just little … shall we say … “unglued”.  They fail to see they are just as extreme as the Muslim extremists they fear so much.  Being extreme and fundamentalist isn’t a good path for ANY religion, IMHO.  It encourages hate for others not like themselves, and no Bible or Quran has THAT in it.  It’s all in the interpretation, folks.

If you’re a Christian, that’s cool;  and I have no problem with it.  But for-the-love-of-god follow Christ, NOT his “followers”.

Church plans Quran-burning event –


Damn! If you want to see what's inside, just Google it, ya DumbAss!

Man blows himself up trying to pry open grenade | Say What?

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