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Google explores the human body with HTML5

Google has just soft-launched its latest browser experiment, the Google Body Browser, which is basically Google Earth for the human body. If you visit in a supported web browser, you’ll get a three-dimensional layered model of the human anatomy that you can zoom in on, rotate and search. WebGL support hasn’t hit mainstream browsers, but the beta versions of Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox all support it.

This is your brain on Google

via Google explores the human body with HTML5 –

C&T: Thx to mansonsturtle for the head’s up!


Cursors – Eye-popping 3D street art (photos) – CNET Reviews

Invisibility Cloak Made of Glass

Elena Semouchkina holds the glass resonators that enable her to make objects appear invisible.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t — an Invisibility Cloak Made of Glass 

Looks like we’re catching up to the Romulans.

Pictures Show New Distant Planet Orbiting Sun-Like Star – TIME

I hope no one’s looking for US.  They’d see how friggin’ STUPID humans are and eradicate us!  😉

Looks like a job for the Enterprise-D

Hurricane Tracker | | San Antonio News | San Antonio News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | Hurricane Tracker

Pretty nifty. We're waiting for Alex ...

Amazing Fire Animation!

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