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In Case of Zombies Shirt

28 Days Later you better have this shit on…


The celebrations for what would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday, on October 9th of this year, have begun to take shape. On October 5th, EMI will reissue freshened versions of Lennon’s solo albums, along with some previously unreleased home recordings. And on the actual anniversary, Yoko Ono will hold her annual lighting of the Imagine Peace Tower on an island off ReykjavÌk, Iceland. “The fact that this year is John’s 70th birthday year is very special for us all,” Ono tells Rolling Stone. “We are all together celebrating John for having given us so much good energy in his lifetime and now.”

via New Lennon Reissues, Celebration for 70th Birthday | Rolling Stone Music

OMG!  John Lennon would be 70!?  I am now officially ancient.  I sure miss him.

Free Kaplan ebooks from 8/24-30 – Forums

WHATTA DEAL!   mansonsturtle finds yet another great deal!  THX!  🙂

Free Kaplan ebooks from 8/24-30 via Free Kaplan ebooks from 8/24-30 – Forums

Pee-wee adventures to Sturgis bike rally

It's Pee-wee Herman time!

STURGIS, S.D. — Mean machines and burly bikers didn’t draw Amanda White to the world’s largest motorcycle rally. She had her sights set on a bow-tied nerd in an ill-fitting gray plaid suit: Pee-wee Herman. 

via Pee-wee adventures to Sturgis bike rally | | Asbury Park Press

Ted Olson on Fox News « Topofmyhead’s Blog

Check this out from TopOfMyHead‘s blog.  Ted Olsen is a conservative lawyer that successfully argued for the federal ruling that overturned California’s Proposition 8 banning same-sex marriages.

I can’t determine if Chris Wallace is being deliberately obtuse or playing the Devil’s Advocate.  Either way, a conservative lawyer speaking up this way will have the Tea Baggers shitting in their pants.

BTW: Olson made Chris Wallace look like the ass he is.  I may have to re-phrase my “All Republicans are assholes” to “Most Republicans are assholes”.

Coming soon to a snack aisle near you: Booger, Cheesy Feet and Poontang

Sour cream and onion, barbecue, cheddar cheese… These are the flavors of Pringles we’re familiar with. But did you know everyone’s favorite potato-chip-but-not-quite also comes in numerous eccentric flavors you’ve probably never heard of? Yes, in other countries (Japan being the biggest culprit) you can get Pringles in flavors like garlic seafood, blueberry-hazelnut, Philly cheesesteak, and even braised pork. 

via Funky Mustard, Blueberry, And Braised Pork: Ridiculous Pringles Flavors From Around The Globe

C&T: Ya know, depending on where you’re from, these flavors aren’t ridiculous except to Americans.  We’re a culturally ignorant lot.

Nice … but Grandma looks a little overwhelmed.

Cursors – Eye-popping 3D street art (photos) – CNET Reviews


Invisibility Cloak Made of Glass

Elena Semouchkina holds the glass resonators that enable her to make objects appear invisible.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t — an Invisibility Cloak Made of Glass 

Looks like we’re catching up to the Romulans.

Usually full to the brim with Methodists, but you don't have to be one to enjoy it

Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove | | Monmouth and Ocean counties Features Photo Galleries | Asbury Park Press

Time for Cadaver and Treacle to reminisce and wax nostalgic.  I loved this place as a kid.  When the organ played, you could “feel” it in your bones.   I always thought the place was enormous … as an adult I realized it’s big but not immense.  The last time I was there as an adult was for a Judy Collins (I’m a huge fan) concert.  Cool place.  Great concert, too, as I remember it.  She’s talented and gorgeous … and can that lady sing?!?!?!  Oh … yeah!

My great-grandparents lived in Ocean Grove (Grandma Opdyke was a kind lady who always gave us peppermints and spare change for an ice cream cone), and it was amazing to see all those tents go up every summer.  Like almost overnight.  Those Methodists set up camp like a tribe of Lakota, with speed and efficiency.  And they were well decorated, let me tell ya.  Gorgeous inside … just like a miniature (expensive) house.  My brother and I liked to walk around at night when everyone was sitting outside.  No AC in those days (mid-1960’s) and everyone would sip cold drinks and swat mosquitoes or go for an evening stroll on the boardwalk. 

*sigh*  Sam Ewing was right: “When you finally go back to your old hometown, you find it wasn’t the old home you missed but your childhood”

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