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Facebook “ugly baby” comment sparks stabbing


Consider it a modern version of the Hatfields versus McCoys, courtesy of Facebook. A Wheaton woman and her teenage daughter are charged with attacking another local mom and daughter with steak knives in a dispute fueled by disparaging comments posted on the popular social networking site. 

via Daily Herald | Facebook dispute sparks Wheaton stabbing 

C&T: I rest my case about Facebook.  It ain’t safe. Thx for all the links today, julieg!  


Seven former U.S. Air Force personnel gathered in Washington Monday to recount UFO sightings over nuclear weapons facilities in decades past – accounts that a UFO researcher says show extraterrestrial beings are interested in the world’s nuclear arms race and may be sending humans a message

via UFOs eyed nukes, ex-Air Force personnel say – This Just In – Blogs

C&T:  Swell. After reading this, it won’t be long before all the nuts come back out of the woodwork with an anal probe shoved up their ass.  *sigh*

Nobody ever said Ann Coulter was going to play nice during her time at Homocon, a summit held by the gay conservative group GOProud over the weekend, not even the organizers who insisted that she be there. Perhaps it came as little surprise to them, then, when the conservative pundit stood before the group of 150 attendees and aggressively railed against gay marriage.

via Ann Coulter To Gay Conservatives: Marriage ‘Is Not A Civil Right — You’re Not Black’

C&T: The bitch is at it again.  Does she NEVER shut the fuck up?  I can’t stand this idiot.

Pat Tillman died more than six years ago in Afghanistan, but his death remains a flash point to this day. Most recently, Tillman’s younger brother Rich discussed the tragedy on “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

via Pat Tillman’s Brother: ‘I Wish He Would’ve Lit These F–king Idiots Up’ (VIDEO)

C&T:  This is in the Top 10 of sad stories.  My heart breaks for the Tillman family.  It’s extremely disturbing.

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