Michelle Obama Pairs Green Dress With Pink Pumps On Tuesday (PHOTOS, POLL)

C&T:  I can’t help but think “what the fuck?” I mean, why do people care what she wears and why does it make news?  Apparently the fashionistas are whipped into a lather.  How will I sleep tonight with this knowledge?  Like a Ambien addict, Gentle Reader.

Hell, no one wants to know what I’m wearin’.  (Usually a sailor hat tipped jauntily over one eye, or a derby, coonskin cap or fez, high heels, an “overnight” Depends…and nothing else….)  Anyway, got this in a hilarious an email from mansonsturtle:


Fox “News” reports the number of angles in the floral print design combined with the hex value of the shade of pink on her shoes plus the number of pearls on her necklace is a secret code. FOX “News” experts have spent hours and hours of careful analysis and thousands of dollars donated from “independent” sources to be the first “news” organization to DECIPHER THE CODE: “It is true my husband is a non-American Muslim. He likes eating 5 Guys Hamburgers.” Stay tuned to FOX “News” for more exclusive updates on this breaking story…