For every quality reality show like “Top Chef” or “The Amazing Race,” there are a dozen degrading, offensive and downright tacky reality programs that make TV just a little bit dumber. Plenty of shows out there appeal to audiences’ worst nature and are chock full of kitschy, guilty pleasure value (we’re looking at you, VH1). But every so often we come across a show so indefensible, it makes us cringe at the fact that it was even picked up. Here’s a collection of some of the most inappropriate and classless shows to ever make it on television.

via The Most Inappropriate Reality Shows Of All Time (PHOTOS)

C&T: I’m not a fan of “reality” TV shows and never watch them; I think they’re more bullshit than actual reality.  I will admit a guilty pleasure: I have a huge “thing” for Gordon Ramsay.  Maybe because he’s a fellow Scot.  Anyway, it takes a LOT to disgust me.  A LOT.  But I can honestly say I absolutely despise the pedophile fest “Toddlers and Tiaras“.  Those poor kids are forced to perform by morbidly obese, ugly mothers with big hair living vicariously through their little girls.  These women will mortgage the farm to pay for everything BECAUSE WINNING IS EVERYTHING.  What the fuckin’ FUCK!?  I hope they choke on their stretch pants.