"Whatcha in for, kid?" "Squawkin'."

And finally this midday: They caught a real jailbird recently in Columbia…Lorenzo the parrot was arrested during a drug bust there.The charge? Aiding and abetting drug traffickers.  Lorenzo is trained as a lookout…and yells out a warning when police…or anyone suspicious to him…approaches…and, it turns out he is not alone in his criminal activities.  Animal officials say they’ve been given more than 1,000 birds trained as lookouts, this is one jailbird who won’t fly the coop any time soon.  

via Parrot Arrested in Drug Bust | keyc.tv  

C&T: I don’t know who wrote the above, but holy shit did I have to tidy it up a bit. Jesus!  And they work for a network…OH!  It’s FOX.  Never mind.