The State Fair of Texas has announced the finalists for the 2010 Big Tex Choice Award. We all thought last year’s winner for Most Creative — deep fried butter — was wacky. But how about fried beer? That made it into this years list of finalists — here’s a Morning News story that tells it all. Fried beer, in case you’re wondering, is actually a beer-filled pretzel pocket. The beer that oozes out when you bite it, apparently, serves as a dipping sauce. A fried frozen margarita isn’t liquid at all — it’s a funnel cake dusted with a lemon-lime mixture and “lightly spritzed with south of the border flavor.” Would that be tequila? ID is required to partake of both.

via Fried beer! Fried frozen margaritas! Big Tex has spoken (for now). | EATS Blog |

I still can’t believe I left New Jersey for this.  They’ll dip anything in batter and fry it down here.  And I gotta tell ya…Texans wonder why there’s so many humongous people tippin’ the scales like a side of beef.   WTF?  I thought 2+2=4, but I could be wrong…