I admit it, I’m gettin’ old.  54 fun-filled years.  I try to be patient with the young ‘uns, Lord knows I do.  And while I’m not old enough to remember hoop skirts, I do remember when we had ONE telephone and no voice mail, people wrote letters and licked a stamp, and you had plenty to talk about when you told someone about your day.  And while I’m not standing on the street yelling “get a horse!” at passing autos, I am wondering where the obsession to be constantly in touch with others came from.  Are we really that insecure?

Now we are subjected to a blow-by-blow, minute-by-minute account of everyone’s activities.  I’m not a Technology Scrooge; heck, I work on web development all day for a living.  But I simply cannot understand why we all have to be up in each other’s business all day, every day, eight days a week.  Believe me, I don’t give a shit if you’re sipping a latte at Starbuck’s or wiping your kid’s ass.  The minutiae of your day holds no interest for me, and probably not too many others, either.  To be fair, why should you care what I’m doing?  WTF.

But some technology, to me, goes a little too far.  The video below is about a summer resort in Israel for teens (and the young-at-heart) called Coca-Cola Village.  Hmmm….caffiene, kids, sugar….already I’m nervous.  But the point is they interfaced everyone’s wristband to Facebook, so whenever they went somewhere and flashed their “badge” it updated Facebook automatically.  That’s way TMI for this grandma.  Not to mention…privacy? Stalkers who want to know where you are?  Maybe a secret you want to keep?  OK, OK, it was all in good, clean fun (I hope)… but I’m thinking of future applications of the same technology and it’s a little disconcerting.  It makes me nervous to think about knowing it’s happening…and it makes me paranoid to think of the sneaky and unscrupulous folks that will use it when we don’t know about it.  If you’re not concerned, you should be.  Every time you use a credit card, a cell phone, the Internet, you are giving out way more information than you realize.  We all have a right to privacy, although there are some out there that seem to think you do not; and will go to great lengths to gather information about you…whether they’re advertisers targeting you for advertising, the NSA, or someone who wants your credit card info.  Just think about it.  Sleep well!