Check out these moronic assholes.  They think Islam is the religion of Satan.  This IS 2010, right?  I haven’t slipped back in time to 1540 or sumthin, have I?

I knew that some of these so-called “Christians” were out there, but this group is especially hateful.  Like the “God Hates Fags” gang that is truly the lowest of the Low.  Methinks they all need to read their Bible.  I’ll tell ya, these people scare the livin’ shit outta me because they con so many people into thinking they’re right and have a lot of lost-soul followers that are a more than a just little … shall we say … “unglued”.  They fail to see they are just as extreme as the Muslim extremists they fear so much.  Being extreme and fundamentalist isn’t a good path for ANY religion, IMHO.  It encourages hate for others not like themselves, and no Bible or Quran has THAT in it.  It’s all in the interpretation, folks.

If you’re a Christian, that’s cool;  and I have no problem with it.  But for-the-love-of-god follow Christ, NOT his “followers”.

Church plans Quran-burning event –