Top Ten Things Overheard During President Obama’s Meeting with Tony Hayward

Leave it to Letterman … always funny!

10.   “So, what’s new?”
  9.   “Careful, you’re getting oil all over the Oval Office”
  8.   “Before I start kicking asses, would any of you like some sparkling
  7.   “Speaking of leaks, where’s the men’s room?”
  6.   “Thanks for giving my administration something to worry about
         besides two wars, a crushing debt, global warming and the worst
         economy in 70 years”
  5.   “$20 Billion? Hell, I got that on me!”
  4.   “Tony, I forgave you the second I heard that dreamy British accent”
  3.   “Gotta keep this short, I’m meeting with the president of Indonesia
         about that smoking baby”
  2.   “Biden, please, enough with the vuvuzela”
  1.   “How can we blame this on Bush and Cheney?”